Hello and welcome. My name is Kyle and I am a Mindfulness Consultant & Hypnotherapist. Having experienced a life altering car accident in 2014, an event which left doctors saying that I would never work again and after trying many different types of therapy, out of desperation I turned to mindfulness to help alleviate my anxiety, pain and sad outlook on life. During my own journey to recovery, I was able to truly live the benefits of what mindfulness can do to improve overall wellness, help restore a growth mindset and reduce pain and suffering. This journey inspired me to help others whom were also struggling in both their physical and mental health. I started seeing clients in both one to one sessions and group sessions. I later went on to study Hypnotherapy, thus allowing my clients more opportunity to be in control of their health and well-being. If you are looking for a gentle way to help ease any of your physical or mental health pain, then why not give mindfulness a try. My approach nourishes you and helps you see that your needs matter too. Sessions are easy going and consist of meditations, mindfulness games, activities and movement. I make it my life passion to make each client feel important and empowered to accept and make changes at their own pace.

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