Fees and Terms

At the initial consultation your Coach will explore your current issues, background history and establish the focus of your coaching sessions. When you first contact us, it is useful if you highlight the issues you need help with, so we can make the best match for you.

Opening Hours for Appointments

Wednesday - Friday: 8am- 12 noon & 4pm - 8pm (BST)

Saturday & Sunday: 8am - 2pm

Same-day appointments are often available.

We are here to help with your inquiry, 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays.

Fees for Online Coaching & Personal Training

Reduced rates are available to those in need and are based on income and expenses. To apply for this rate, you must submit in writing a request as well as report your monthly income/expense for your household. Additionally, you must agree to the same terms as full rate clients.

Individual coaching Couples coaching
£ 120 £ 150

Individual coaching Couples coaching
$146.02 $182.53

Individual coaching Couples coaching
$186.80 $182.53

Individual coaching Couples coaching
 €142.85  €178.57

We do not accept insurance or third party / employer payments.

You contact your Coach at the appointment time with their remote details.

Coaching sessions last up to 45 minutes and are held at a regular time slot each week.

Weekly attendance is important for progress to be made. Missed and cancelled sessions (even with notice) are payable in full*.

Clients who miss 2 consecutive sessions in a row without consulting their coach first, will automatically be discharged from our care and the coaching vacancy will be offered to a client waiting to start their journey.

Payment is taken in advance of each session by credit / debit card, or paid via Paypal at time of booking.


*Your coach reserves a special time for you every week until you end coaching, so they may not be able to change your appointment or refund non-attended sessions.

** For full details, please read the service agreement in full**

It's easy to start

  1. Create a private username and password to get access to the system
  2. One of our professionals will contact you to discuss your individual circumstance.
  3. Based on your needs, we'll match you with a qualified professional. If you are not satisfied, you can switch at any time.
  4. Begin your sessions using: text, phone or video.

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