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The world is changing quickly, and with those changes comes the requirement for us to adapt just as quickly. Navigating the components of our modern, social and disconnected world often leaves many of us struggling to cope. This struggle is congruent with the increase in mental health illnesses seen worldwide, such as anxiety and depression.

Mental health, though becoming an increasingly concerning component of our overall health, still lacks the necessary foundational and access to services. It’s perfectly acceptable to seek out services for our nutrition, our fitness, our sleep, and other aspects of our health, but oftentimes the stigma, guilt, or shame of mental health support has many people ready to dismiss or ignore their mental health concerns.

Our mental health is both a situational variable, and a long-term component, of our overall health and well-being, so there is no shame in seeking support as it, directly and indirectly, affects many other areas of our health.

We know that there are many ways that mental health can be treated, but also how it can be supported while treatment is taking place. Seeking the support of a mental health coach can help you navigate the world, struggles, and goals of your mental health to improve the quality of your life, joy, and happiness.

What is Mental Health Coaching?

Mental health coaching provides a support system for people who are struggling with their mental health. It is about providing people with tools, strategies, and skills to cope with their mental health concerns.

Mental health coaching often uses multiple forms of support, including cognitive and behavioral techniques. And while mental health coaching does use many methods of therapy and counseling, it's important to note that mental health coaching is not therapy or counseling as it is not meant to treat mental health concerns, but rather to work towards having a healthiermental state.

Mental health coaching is meant to help improve the quality of our lives and is often used alongside therapy and counseling support as mental health coaching helps address current and future goals, while therapy and counseling are the answer for addressing past problems that have brought you to your present struggles.

What Are the Benefits of Mental Health Coaching?

Mental health is a complex topic, it often includes mental illnesses Such as depression, anxiety,and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). However, it is not necessary to have a formal diagnosis to benefit from mental health coaching, as mental health coaching simply allows us to thrive as human beings.

Positive mental health has been shown to improve the quality of our life in all aspects, including areas like creativity, productivity, relationships, and even open access to new opportunities. All of this contributes to you leading a happier and more fulfilled life.

How Does a Mental Health Coach Help Me?

Our mental health coaches are specialized and experienced in helping improve the quality of our clients' lives by using a variety of tools and systems that empower our clients to cope with their realities.

In working with our mental health coaches, we work on a variety of issues that are not just related to anxiety or depression, But instead, and in addition, help our clients address negative thinking patterns and implement strategies for stress management. As a result, mental health coaching has become a tool for our clients that helps them manage their lives better.

Our mental health coaches also provide guidance, support, and motivation to our clients to encourage them to take action on the changes that they want to see in their life.

Our mental health coaches take a personalized approach to coaching with you. We spend a lot of time understanding your situations, your personality, your thinking patterns, and your environment. This allows us to provide strategies, tools, and coaching that are specific to your needs. We tailor each session to your needs depending upon the context of your situation.

Our coaches help our clients to understand their needs, translate those needs into actionable goals, and set in place a realistic and achievable plan to hit those goals. As your accountability partner, our clients never feel alone in their journey.

In addition to this, our mental health coaches keep you motivated to encourage you to take action on the areas of your life, mindset, and thinking patterns that are holding you back from living a more healthful life.

Take Back Control of Your Health! You Are Not Alone!

Ditch the Stigma, and Just Get Healthy!! Our mental health coaching programs include:

  • 1-on-1 virtual coaching from a certified online Mental Health Coach
  • Personalized plans built around your goals & struggles
  • Ongoing motivation and accountability from your Mental Health Coach
  • Frequent progress reviews and adjustments to your plan
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