Being mindful is a skill that many of us struggle with in our day of modern distractions. We are constantly battling stress, overwhelm, and burnout. The lack of balance that we find ourselves in only perpetuates the cycle of disconnect.

Many of our clients come to us struggling to find meaning in their lives, in situations in which they find themselves, or lack direction that gives them purpose.

And while we all seek that magic answer to turn off the stress and disconnection, the truth of the matter is that ability resides within us and must come from within us.

True happiness, joy, peace, and connection come from within ourselves when we learn how to be attentive to our body, our mind, and our sowl.

What Is Mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness is a skill that can help us live in balance, experiencing calm, ease, and contentment.

Mindfulness has been shown to improve our concentration and focus, increase our happiness and well-being, lead to better sleep, less pain, an improvement in our immune system functions, and even a decrease in the level and severity of depression, anxiety, and stress that we experience.

Mindfulness can be used in many areas of your life, from your eating habits to your job performance, athletic abilities, relationships, and more!

What is Mindfulness Coaching?

With our virtual mindfulness coaching programs, you will learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your day-to-day life. Our mindfulness coaches are experienced experts who can teach you the basics of mindfulness, offer support when you struggle, guide you in real-life strategies that can be effective in helping you overcome your barriers, and hold you accountable to your new practice.

At Solymar Group, we take a holistic approach to your health and wellness by recognizing that your struggles, stress, and overwhelm are deeply faceted components of your life. As such, we ensure to employ a wide variety of practitioners so that as your challenges and needs change, we are available to support you.

Our mindfulness coaching services provide you with personalized individualized attention, guidance, and instruction in mindfulness and meditation so that you can learn how to reduce the stress in your life, control what you can, be content with what you can't, and find inner joy and peace.

Working one on one with your mindfulness coach can help you learn to take care of yourself and in turn, those around you, to bring peace and calm to your days.

We will help you navigate the stresses of life like school, work, family, friends, and relationships so that you can learn powerful skills for life-long joy.

Live the Happy Life that You Deserve!

If you’re tired of living in the fog and feeling melancholy and disconnected from yourself, you’re not alone! Our mindfulness coaching programs include:

  • 1-on-1 virtual coaching from a certified online Mindfulness Coach
  • Personalized mindfulness plans built around your goals
  • Ongoing motivation and accountability from your Coach
  • Frequent progress reviews and adjustments to your plan
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