Solymar Group Limited provides a wealth of services and products that meet and exceed our customers' needs. We offer affordable prices and demand that all our services and products exceed the most stringent ecological guidelines.

Diving/Sailing Charters

Catamaran Sailing Charters

Trimarine Boat Company Ltd. offers luxury diving and sailing charters in The British Virgin Islands aboard Cuan Law, the world's largest sail trimaran.

With its beautiful clear waters and stunning green islands rising majestically to the blue skies, the British Virgin Islands are best enjoyed from the sea. The magnificent Cuan Law provides the ultimate liveaboard experience in the BVI. The ambiance is both fun and relaxed, with a wide range of activities to suit everyone, as well as ample opportunity for quiet relaxation!

Trimarine Boat Company Ltd.

Mental Health Services

Solymar Healthcare Group provides the delivery of mental health counseling via the Internet. People also know it as e-therapy, distance therapy, Internet therapy and web therapy. Therapists use a variety of mediums such as apps for texting, video chatting, voice messaging and audio messaging.

Studies have proven the efficacy of therapy via the internet to the point where it has become a viable alternative and supplement to in-office therapy. There are even people who can afford and make time for in-office therapy but choose online therapy.

Solymar Healthcare Group

Business Development

Business Development

Manage Your Clinic Limited offers non-financial services and products to entrepreneurs at various stages of their business needs. Our goal is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Our services are aimed at supporting the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which are known to create employment, generate income and contribute to economic development and growth.

Website Development

Website Development

Manage Your Clinic Ltd is a full-service development agency specializing in ecommerce and business websites & applications. We understand that digital impressions matter more than ever. Our goal is to create an engaging web presence, increase lead generation, with memorable user & device friendly experiences.

We champion your mission-focused organization by creating beautiful and flexible websites and applications. We do this by providing strong project leadership, honest advice, thoughtful design and technical best-practices.

Catamaran Sailing Charters

Catamaran Sailing Charters

Sunsational Yacht Charters Ltd. offers affordable sailing charters in The Bahamas, the land of Sun And Sea.

ENTER THE REALM OF PEACE AND TRANQUILITY... on board our affordable catamaran sailing yacht, where the main objective of the professional crew is to insure your idyllic vacation. Sail away to adventures untold at a relaxed pace - the stability of the twin hulls offers the highest degree of comfort while underway or while at anchor. An exhilarating sailing experience for novices and professionals - especially when enjoyed between the pontoons - on the oversize trampolines!

Sunsational Yacht Charters Ltd.

ESL & Travel Homestay

Mediterranean Weather, Spanish Luxury, Canadian Hospitality

English as a Second Language lessons in the private comfort of a luxurious Spanish Villa. Just 300 meters from the beach, and a short bus ride into the city center. With tons of activities and outings you are sure to enjoy your time and learn a lot.

If the opportunity to eat delicious, authentic, home cooked (and might add plentiful) foods or the chance to make remarkable relationships with incredible locals wasn't enough, living with host families while abroad is bound to take your entire international experience up a level.

Villa Solymar

Dog-Sledding Adventure

Dog-Sledding Adventure

Enjoy the Canadian winter wonderland while experiencing a traditional dog-sled tour in Northern Ontario.

Making Unique Siberian Husky Experiences Running Sleds. Using primarily Siberian Husky sled dogs M.U.S.H.E.R.S. Dog-Sled Tours offers a historic experience designed for all ages and abilities that challenges your physical and psychological limits, promoting healthy, active living.

M.U.S.H.E.R.S. Dog-Sled Tours

Scottish Bed and Breakfast

Enjoy the sites of Edinburgh, Scotland, from our conveniently located Bed & Breakfast. Enjoy quite comfort located less than 2 kilometers from Portobello Beach and less than 1 kilometer from the magnificent Arthur's Seat. Free parking on site, and local bus service less than a block away allows for easy transit options to take you into the Old Town about 3.5 kilometers away.

Edinburgh Bed & Breakfast

Bahamian Bed & Breakfast

Enjoy our Ocean View Penthouse Suite in Freeport, Grand Bahama. With bus service a block away, and Port Lucaya a five minute walk, this centrally located Bed & Breakfast is a welcome relief from the hussle and bussle of large resorts. Private swimming pool and parking, we offer the security of a gated property.

Bahamian Bed & Breakfast

Organic Sustainable Agriculture

Solymar Agricultural Group operates farming concerns in Canada, Scotland, and Spain. We proudly grow 100% non-GMO, organic field crops such as wheat, barley, oats, sunflower (Canada & Scotland), and oranges (Spain). Our ethical treatment of our animals includes rabbits, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks (Canada) and sheep and cattle (Canada & Scotland).

Solymar Agricultural Group

Solymar Energy Scotland

Solymar Energy Scotland

Renewable, non-polluting electrical power from the Sun and Sea.

Solymar Energy Scotland uses the latest wind and tidal generation equipment to provide reliable, renewable, environmentally friendly power.